Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ini entry bagaimana nak menyayangi suami anda


Tomorrow will mark the first week ever free of exams after months of continuous paper. Exagerrate je months tu.Alhamdulillah, we can go out for our usual dinner date every Thursday nite without worrying bout mountain of notes waiting to be memorized.Its so refreshing to think that i can sleep worries-free tomorrow.Not! Got tonnes of work to do actually.Prepare special breakfast for Amir,then settle the full big bucket of laundries,vacuuming the entire house,mopping the kitchen, mengada-ngada letih kejap ,ironing 5-days shirts and pants for Amir and what not.Dah tak larat nak tulis.I dont even have time to think about shower.Ah i know tomorrow's not a day to pamper myself.Well,at least not for this week.Amir has been pushing his bones and muscles to take care of the house every weekend,since the day i started my first paper.Poor guy,that one.Well people,cari lah suami yang rajennn supaya senang di masa depan.*dengar boleh jangan buat,ksian suami.*That explains why my job as a part time housewife is not that successful.

Ok,sekarang nak cita benda lain.

Once (well maybe twice) people ask me whether my husband is categorized as a romantic person. haha. Unfortunately i didnt get the chance to chat more bout that with them,lupa sebab apa.Sebab takdak masa kot...

Well, to be exact, romantic thing is a bit subjective for me.Now u tell me how to classify a person whether he's romantic or not.If u think that romantic husband brings back home roses every week (hari-hari melampau), giving u surprises almost very day, love u unconditionally, then we're on the same boat. Yes my husband is romantic,at least from my prospective.And that's what that counts, right.

Eventhough i only got roses once or twice during our almost-two-years of marriage,it makes me feel more than enough to be satisfied (even more and more roses will do heheheh).Surprises? Rarely.But i do think that he tried as much as he can to make me happy and satisfied,even with small things like making a cup of tea out of blue at midnight.I love it.Sometimes he tried to please me by washing and clearing the dishes,and by making the bed even I'm the second one to get up in the morning.Maybe some people think that why do I have to bother with such small things,but indeed, it means world to me.

I asked my husband once at the beginning of our marriage,why he didnt show much of his love for me,i complaint of lack of attention and whatnot.(macam budak2 yang mengadu kisah hidup tak sama macam fairytale yg dibaca) and he said to me ..

"tak tunjuk ,tak bermakna abang tak sayang.bagi abang masa,abang cuba....insya Allah"

And now after two years,i can see that he changed so much compared to the past when we're newly wed.He's fulfilling my wishes,slowly.

If you think that being a med student makes my husband's a boring person,i admit that at certain point, he is!Whenever he started focusing on study,u'll be surprise on how much he can concentrate without bothering about his surrounding for as long as he likes! I swear I have to repeat my question 3 times everytime i ask him something while he's studying.Unless the house is on fire,u'll never get his attention.

But still, i love him.

He looks serious and strong outside, but soft deep inside.
He loves to play hide-and-seek.(of course i'm the one seeking)
He hates western food and shopping, but i love both.
He likes tomyam so much,but i cant even have a sip of it.
He loves spending money on unnecessary things,but i'm abit stingy (kot)
......the list goes on...

He completes me. We completed each other.I love u.

Happy upcoming 2nd Anniversary,abang Amir!


innani-HiDaYaH said...

buat kerja sampai x peduli psl lain? thats how their brain work.
mmg laki kurang ability utk multitask

thats why man need a woman! LOL

Heh, Happy 2nd Anniv.

adrenida said...

hehe setuju,dayah
behind every successful man lies a great woman. tapi aku jauh la dari taraf great tu.

thanks for the wish dayah.