Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Those 2 above pictures were taken 4months in between each other,the first one was taken on May 08 and September 08 for the latter.Well,i dont think i can blame the wrong photograpy technique (eventhough the 2nd photo was taken only by 3.2mpx phone camera) and yes people, i turned my husband from being kurus keding to a cute man like a new-born baby.And all that can happened only in 3 months,give or take.

Ok,u dont have to remind me.I know the above statement can also be applied to me. =(

I'm tired of being bribed with "u're not fat,u're just being happy being a married-woman" statement everytime im complaining to others about myself.And i need to start my 1-km on treadmill today,i guess (tapi baru 25om dah semput).And my husband even asked me to practise the 10-kgs dumbell that belongs to him.Tak tipu,memang 10kg,angkat 2 kali memang confirm surrender.

Eh,maybe i'll start tomorrow,at least after i finished munching my whole packet of kerepek. hehe

For abang Amir,u're getting more handsome day by day and the good-looks in you will never vanished.Trust me.And u'll never missed every morning before u're off to hospital with owhmyGod-why-u're-so-gorgeous stare from ur wifey.Even if Brad Pitt standing next to abang Amir,i'd still be drooling over you,my baby-hubby.Love u.


innani-HiDaYaH said...

cepat2 dpt baby
jg tengah malam
pas2 bermarathon mnyiapkan keja umah
mmg kurus ah~!
(^-^)V peace!

adrenida said...

ang dah try ka?