Monday, November 2, 2009


A bit upset and disappointed sebab tadi bila nak tgk new updates of a dearest friend of mine's blog,she wrote that she's gonna stop writings because of some hidden reasons.I dont know why it happened,but i hope she'll continue to write elsewhere.Cause i miss her words.Eventhough i meet her everyday,5 days in a week,it doesnt mean that i know every inches of her daily life ; happiness,dilemma,etc.Well,the smile that i've recognized since last 3 years itself cannot simply tells that she's happy everday ; sometimes it does portrays hideous sadness that cannot be intepreted by nobody.

Picture from Mimi's previous blog.I googled for it back,tau Syamimi. =) Sila terharu dan continue your blog.

Back to THE routines

Today i got the chance to extract the first tooth ever in my life.Its central incisor (well its ONLY central incisor for some people hehe ).I still dont have heart to pull and push as much as needed.I tell you,its not a good feeling to extract a tooth with thin,bleedy mucosa.I can even hear the bone cracked.(Bising je,biasalah 1st timer,bagi chance lah.)And i hope i can do better next time insya Allah.

Dahla makcik yang dicabut giginya tu tiba-tiba datang cium pipi.It all happened in a blink of eye and i cannot do anything,even to utter a word NO.Cross infections,mind you.Tak apalah,she's just trying to be nice and shows her appreciation to us.Needles to say,she's a vey cooperative and tolerable.

Besok clinic Cons,insya Allah moga-moga semuanya berjalan lancar dan berjaya.Amin..


Anonymous said...

nini chan.terharu bace pOst ni.
ye sayang..
i tak mO delete..
wahh time tu raya first ninichan as a wife.. :)
but still we are the same.
friendship forever :)

adrenida said...

jangan tau.
kalo ada masa update lah.
kalau sibuk,tak apa.
sayang mimi.